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Research, Brand Strategy & Positioning, Identity System Development


Founded in 1971 as the world’s first electronic stock market, NASDAQ quickly grew beyond a market place to become a leading, global provider of financial technologies and intelligence. However, like many rapidly growing organizations, the NASDAQ brand, its core story, lagged behind their true capabilities. Customers and communities simply did not have a true appreciation for the depth and breadth of the new organization.


Beginning in 2013 and culminating in a launch of a new fresh face for the organization in 2014, NASDAQ worked with ADK to help, research, imagine and then develop a brand platform that captured who they are in a dynamic new way. From developing a global research program, helping management understand the implications of new positioning options and finally crafting a story and look and feel for the brand, ADK worked to refresh a true icon of the financial services community, NASDAQ QMX.